The Pioneer football program directs special focus on the Three Key Pillars of each student-athlete's life.

The Person
The Student
The Athlete

 What is the Difference Maker Program?

On the football field and in the weight room, the Pioneer coaching staff focusses on making each student-athlete bigger, faster, and stronger so each person can dominate each opponent on Saturdays.  Throughout camp and into the season, Pioneer coaching staff stresses the Pioneer Attitude Training Program to attack the mental component of a successful student-athlete.  This is all in addition to a year-round practice of "Real Life Wednesdays" and "Thank you Thursdays" aimed at allowing the student-athlete to become a more well-rounded and positive member of the community.  Finally, the Pioneer football program has established The Diference Maker Program to allow student-athletes to forge a path to SUCCEED as a student at UW-Platteville

The Purpose of The Difference Maker is to assist each student-athlete in becoming more self-determined, motivated, and efficient as students while instilling life lasting habits for successful learning.  As a coaching staff, UW-Platteville has developed the program as a tool and resource that allows each student-athlete to easily work and achieve success throughout the semester.  Specifically, The Difference Maker is an individualized and focused student-driven plan that has been developed to address each student's needs and interests. The end goal is to remove obstacles and create clarity for a specific academic roadmap, allowing for continued sucess with the ultimate goal of graduating.

In addition to the The Difference Maker, each student-athlete will have an academic coach to further their  success.  The academic coach's purpose is to assist and guide the student-athlete throughout the program  Each coach will be able to focus in on the individuals' most challenging courses when meeting twice a week in addition to indivual one-on-one time.