180 UW-Platteville Student-Athletes Named to the Gabe Miller Academic Honor Roll

180 UW-Platteville Student-Athletes Named to the Gabe Miller Academic Honor Roll

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. -- For the 14th consecutive year, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville student-athletes had a higher grade point average than the student body as a whole. The Pioneer student-athletes compiled a 2.955 grade-point average for the 2013-14 academic year, above the general student body overall grade-point average of 2.89

180 student-athletes made the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Scholastic Honor Roll as well as the school's Gabe Miller Academic Honor Roll for having above a 3.00 GPA during the year.

The latter list is named in honor of Gabe Miller, who died just weeks after playing on the Pioneers' 1995 undefeated national championship basketball team. More than 2,000 UWP student-athletes have been named Gabe Miller Academic Scholars. 

The following student-athletes earned the Gabe Miller award for 2013-14:

Last Name First Name Sport(s)
Ajvazi Muhamet Men's Soccer
Albright Hannah Track & Field
Amundson Kristine Cross Country
Arnold Daniel Football
Atkinson Michelle Track & Field
Axelson Lynea Track & Field
Baerwald Keith Men's Soccer
Bajorek Jennifer Cross Country
Baribeau Stephanie Golf
Bauer Kaliann Track & Field
Baumgartner Colin Football
Bean Robert Baseball
Behling Tyler Football
Benrud Maximilian Men's Soccer
Berger Zachary Football
Berry Tony Football
Blatz Cassandra Women's Soccer
Breiby Nathan Football
Buck Evan Track & Field
Bukowski Olivia Cross Country
Butler Jessica Women's Soccer
Butzen Jessica Softball
Canar Neil Track & Field
Carmody Melissa Women's Basketball
Chapman Blair Football
Chiaverotti Caitlyn Cross Country
Christensen Ian Men's Soccer
Clark Stacy Women's Basketball
Collin Jameson Men's Basketball
Constant Evan Football
Corrigan Bryce Football
Coxey Jacob Men's Soccer
Cropp Rachel Women's Basketball
Cross Charles Men's Basketball
Daniels Austin Baseball
DeBoer Kelsey Football
Decker Lindsey Volleyball
Delzer Chelsea Track & Field
Demmon Zachary Baseball
Divita Julie Women's Soccer
Dowell Mitchell Track & Field
Drake Scott Baseball
Dunlavy Melissa Women's Soccer
Duva Ryan Baseball
Dwyer Matthew Track & Field
Eberle Maria Track & Field
Egnarski Taylor Golf
Epley Levi Football
Etherton Bryant Wrestling
Fahrenkrug Derek Track & Field
Foster Jason Track & Field
Frias Lidia Volleyball
Gabbey Michaelis Football
Galeazzi Tanner Baseball
Gasper Alex Track & Field
Gerber Eric Men's Basketball
Gibson Noah Football
Goff Alexandra Women's Soccer
Haberle Jonathan Cross Country
Hall Stephen Men's Soccer
Hall Trevor Baseball
Harms Lindsey Women's Soccer
Hartman Morgan Women's Basketball
Heiden Chelsey Cross Country/Track & Field
Held Jacob Football
Hellenbrand Robyn Track & Field
Herman Sarah Track & Field
Hoffman Kyle Football
Holland Austin Wrestling
Hudziak Darren Track & Field
Hughes Madeline Women's Soccer
Huss Katie Softball
Iserman Alyssa Track & Field
Iverson Zackary Baseball
Jansen Haley Volleyball
Jentz Jessica Track & Field
Jerdee Brett Football
Johnson Justin Football
Johnson Alexander Football
Johnson Brandon Football
Johnson Devin Wrestling
Johnson Boston Men's Basketball
Jurewicz Bradley Track & Field
Karau Lisa Softball
Kelly John Football
Kerr Robert Wrestling
Kessenich Patrick Track & Field
Kilcoin Sydney Golf
Kirchner Stephanie Volleyball
Kirst Thomas Football
Kjos Emily Track & Field
Kladar Mary-Katherine Track & Field
Kocak Matthew Cross Country
Kolb Sarah Volleyball
Krajco Alyssa Women's Basketball
Kramer Braden Men's Basketball
Krueger Michael Football
Kunkel Danielle Cross Country
LaMere Ian Track & Field
Lange Adam Track & Field
Larsen Andrea Volleyball
Laursen Timothy Track & Field
Lloyd Austin Track & Field
LoMonaco Ashley Volleyball
Lorbiecki Taylor Women's Basketball
Lowe Rebecca Softball
Lurquin Brian Football
Lyons Drew Football
Macomber Collin Men's Basketball
Macy Meghan Women's Soccer
Maher Kevin Baseball
Marotz Megan Track & Field
Martin Stacy Softball
Mathias Rebecca Cross Country
Merriam Abigail Track & Field
Mertens Caleb Football
Mizgalski LeeAnn Volleyball
Murphy Shane Baseball
Navin Brandon Track & Field
Nelson Tyler Baseball
Nemitz Weston Men's Basketball
O'Malley Katie Volleyball
Pavlik James Baseball
Pedigo Jonathan Football
Petrie Jonathan Track & Field
Phillips Emily Women's Soccer
Pleau Kaitlyn Women's Basketball
Polubinski Brian Track & Field
Pretto William Men's Soccer
Provancher Kelly Track & Field
Rash Kathleen Women's Soccer
Reit Paul Football
Rhode Benjamin Cross Country
Riter Brogan Football
River Peyton Men's Basketball
Roach Cassondra Softball
Rodey Tyler Football
Rogers Quin Women's Soccer
Rote Carley Softball
Rouer Megan Track & Field
Ryan Emily Wrestling
Salo Andrew Cross Country
Schaefer Alex Football
Schaefer Haley Volleyball
Scharch Stephen Men's Basketball
Schleis Alexander Football
Schmidt Brent Track & Field
Schmidt Jennifer Volleyball
Schmitz Nathan Wrestling
Schulz Keeley Women's Basketball
Sedlacek Caleb Men's Soccer
Seneczko Teagan Cross Country
Shaw Alexandria Track & Field
Shurbert-Hetzel Cole Cross Country
Sibik Scott Men's Soccer
Skoumal Connor Football
Smaga Matthew Cross Country
Smith Matthew Cross Country
Spencer Aaric Wrestling
Stanley Taylor Women's Soccer
Stopple Jonathan Men's Soccer
Stribling Gregory Track & Field
Strong Rachael Softball
Surendonk Seth Men's Soccer
Thomson Caitlin Track & Field
Treml Keriann Softball
Trotter Briar Women's Soccer
Utecht Kyle Track & Field
Valley Todd Track & Field
Vlasak Lee Football
Wade Randy Wrestling
Walker Chelsey Softball
Wampfler Ashlynne Cross Country
Weess Cameron Men's Soccer
Wells Allison Cross Country
Whaley Kyle Track & Field
Whitehead Bryan Football
Wienkes Todd Baseball
Wyss Stephanie Track & Field
Yundt Aileen Volleyball
Zank Mitchell Men's Soccer
Zilbar Jacob Football