Faculty Athletic Representatives

Tim Deis
Faculty Athletic Representative
Professor of Mathematics
 Kristina Fields
Faculty Athletic Representative
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Roles and Responsibilties of Faculty Athletics Representatives
Individuals who may hold the position of faculty athletics representative are described in Article 6.1.3 of the NCAA Constitution: the faculty athletics representative shall be “... a member of the institution’s faculty or an administrator who holds faculty rank and shall not hold an administrative or coaching position in the athletics department.”  The term “faculty athletics representative” derives from NCAA usage and denotes the perceived need on the part of the NCAA to involve a faculty viewpoint in the administration of intercollegiate athletics programs.  Thus, whether the individual is appointed by the chief executive officer or is elected by the faculty, those who hold this position are designated faculty athletics representatives.  Faculty athletics representatives provide oversight and advise in the administration of an institutional athletics program.  The working relationship between the chief executive officer and the faculty athletics representative is a critically important determinant of the effectiveness of the faculty athletics representative in contributing to the local control of the intercollegiate athletics program.  The basis of this relationship should be a model of institutional control in which significant responsibilities for administration and oversight are assigned to the faculty athletics representative, as well as to the director of athletics.  It is important that the chief executive officer recognize that the range of activities and the scope of the responsibilities of the faculty athletics representative elevate this position above the level of the typical faculty service appointment, and it is recommended that those who hold this position have permanent tenure.  Faculty athletics representatives are as effective as their chief executive officers empower them to be, both in terms of the responsibilities assigned and the extent of institutional support provided.

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